Friday, 17 July 2020

Sin Sin Collective Presents: PAUL ROBESON Vs MK ULTRA (Lyric Video)

Paul Robeson (1898 - 1976) was an American singer, actor and political activist. A champion of the Civil Rights Movement he was hounded by the American Government and blacklisted during the McCarthy Era. In 1961, whilst on tour in Moscow the CIA attempted to “neutralize” him employing their psychological warfare program known as MK ULTRA. Paul Robeson is yet another example of how far the authorities will go to silence those who choose peace and solidarity over hatred and prejudice.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Sin Sin Presents: The Slow Stain of the World

'The Slow Stain of the World' is a radio play set in the early sixth century AD. It follows the growth of the legend of Kevin, the holy man of Glendalough.
When Úna, a local cheese maker, notices the presence of the wild haired young monk in the secluded valley, a whole industry springs up around the Glendalough Saint and one man's quest for seclusion becomes overwhelmed by the Slow Stain of the World.

The ancient monastic site of Glendalough was founded by Saint Kevin in the sixth century. In 1539 after the Dissolution of the Monasteries, it was closed down as an official church site but the ever-faithful followers of St. Kevin continued to come to Glendalough every June 3rd, in memory of the great teacher and holy man. The Pattern Day revelries became so notorious that the Church officially banned the festival in the 1890s but nevertheless, the legend and stories of Saint Kevin still resound to this day.
Cast Roberto Bacchilega, Martin Carroll, Ton Haas, Sam Heady, Dorothy Heady-Carroll,
Molly Heady-Carroll, Tom Heady-Carroll, Paddy O’Connell, Johan Statius Muller,
Nicky van de Schaaf, Erik van Wees, Mees Veen, Lente Vermeiden,
Minoe Vogels & Mike Williams Introduction 0:00:00 Kevin comes to The Valley 0:00:11 At The Market Place 0:04:18 Song - Heroes Live Forever 0:10:53 The Two Old Crows again 0:13:33 Glenda, The Big OId Fish 0:14:41 Inside The Cave 0:16:58 Song - The Slow Stain Of The World 0:17:41 At The Bishop’s Palace 0:18:53 Donndubhán 0:22:01 Song - The Power And The Glory 0:22:35 Back at The Market Place 0:26:10 The Delegation 0:32:17 The arrival of Ciarán 0:36:15 Ciarán’s Song 0:39:25 The Party 0:42:14 Ciarán visits Kevin 0:44:09 Moya’s Bedtime Story 0:46:51 Kevin leaves The Cave 0:54:06 Murder at The Bishop’s Palace 1:01:27 Ciarán bids farewell 1:07:54 Kevin goes to Clonmacnoise 1:10:34 The Bell 1:12:03 Song - The Slow Stain Of The World (Reprise) 1:12:22 Glendalough Today 1:15:24 Song - The Glendalough Saint 1:17:56 Credits 1:20:09

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Sin Sin at Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam 2017

Sin Sin Collective presents :
Silvia Terribili reminisces on the checkered history of
De Vondelbunker. Find out what happened that infamous
night when Nico and Mick Jagger dropped by.

at SICK from 2O:30 til late//Saturday 16 September//VONDELBUNKER

Saturday, 24 September 2016