Friday, 19 September 2014

Jarry Unchained at Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam

Jarry Unchained by Sin Sin Collective at De Vondelbunker 12-14 September.
Through comedy, songs, dance, projections and puppets, Sin Sin Collective tells the story of the life and works of Alfred Jarry, impoverished 
 fin de siècle Bohemian, singular seminal artist and self desructive hedonist. 

photos by Tatjana Todorovic

Cast & Credits
Mark Christoph Klee -  Alfred Jarry/Choreography
Dorothy Heady-Carroll - La Fée Verte/Ruby
Ton Haas - Professor Achras
Roberto Bacchilega - Pa Ubu
Sam Heady - Ma Ubu/Babette/Demon
Daniel Rakish – Palcontent/Pablo Picasso
Erik van Wees - The Conscience
Lorna Buckley – Demon
Silvia Terribili – Demon
Claudio Sanzana – Lighting
Martin Millband – Max Jacob/Guitar/Sound Engineer
Martin Carroll – Ukulele/Visuals/Music Composer
David Rothschild – Euphonium/Trombone
Wisefire - Additional Music
Gino Calenda – Design
Set Design – Tatteljee
Directed by Sam Heady
Written by Sin Sin